Cocktails Drinks the Bar for your Apero or After work


Bilder alle aus dem Forum

Classic BAR with the best fresh suplements

The Forum Bar is a classic bar.
If you ever enjoyed a cocktail in the Forum,
just than you knows what fresh and best suplements with recipes everything from a drink is feasible.
Fresh fruits and ingredients, properly prepared, only so it may be called as FORUM Cocktail.

Our wines

Forum offer not a hundred different wines. Our Wine assortment are

always 5-7 selected red wines and 5-7 white wines. These wines are the current

most popular and most famous. So even with 5-7 red wines the choice is difficult.

Only best wines for it little different, allows us all wines also as open (1dl glass etc)


Do you also want to have a PURO, Malbec or Primitivo di Manduria, see you soon in the forum.



The bar for your aperitif or afterwork


Rarely there is still bar’s where you can sit around on high chairs. Such a bar with Bartender / inside in the middle has the right bar atmosphere.

For groups it is therefore also ideal to book, you need eg. Only one page to reserve. Bar reservation

Is rarely possible without having to book everything. In the forum this is easy, uncomplicated and through

The integration does not cost it any more. As a group one is among themselves and yet fully integrated in the forum.

For example Do-Fr, the DJ is just there and ensures the best music.