FORUM History


1928. The building was completed in 1928 according to plans by the architect Ernst Zuppinger. It was a highly modern concrete building designed for the time at the time, designed as a residential and commercial building with a restaurant, a department store and the Licht-Spieltheater Forum, the largest Zurich cinema with 1700 seats. In addition to the guest in the forum, all the Variété sizes. The Forum, originally conceived as a simple cinema for the People’s Quarters, presented itself at the opening very self-confidently as a glamorous attraction. This was underlined by a remarkable neon lighting, the greatest of its time. Green light bands spanned the street-side facades of the building, while the large green and red tube inscriptions lighted far into the night. The opening ceremony of the Lichtpalast Forum Zürich not only marked the opening program, but also focused in detail on the construction, the interior design and the architectural plans and constructions, which were ambitious and elaborate in every respect. Thus the benchmark was set high for the makers of the new forum. But we can proudly claim to have restored all these points to Zurich.



The south-western feeling of life and the connection to the street guarantee the large window fronts, which thanks to the sunken front construction can completely disappear in the ground during summer and allow a seamless transition from the outside and the interior. For warmth and well-being, the 23-meter-long walnut wall, which is a mystery, is responsible: its irregular grooves serve not only to improve the room acoustics and an interesting play with light and shade. Rather, it is texts transformed into barcodes (see complete directory).


For the forum floor, a technique of the seventies – the Synthocret floor or stone carpet – was reinterpreted: it presents itself with its epoxy-bound Jurakalk sand as a bright beach. The muted shades are also subtly refined as the interior architecture and the room layout. For the architecture is not to push into the foreground, but for guests and hosts a friendly ambience, an optimal platform offer. For this reason, nothing is really anchored in the room except for the bar – openness and agility so also here. And as a small reminiscence of the former cinema, a screen is stretched behind the bar. There are occasional moving and moving pictures shown as well as concerts, etc., as well as, of course, important football games:


The walnut wall is a bar code and means “most of all we need the funk, nothing but the funk, everything is not the one etc.” (To be read in the complete directory and description)

The WCs with the concept of “space in space” are an important aspect. Got in China the 2 place in BEST Toilets.